Koala Gymnastic Club Policies/terms and conditions


Annual Registration Fee

This fee is payable once a year at the time of registering the gymnast with Koala Gymnastic Club.

It covers the gymnast’s insurance and Club membership fees for the period 1st Jan to 31 Dec of the current year.  

The amount payable is dependant upon the term in which the gymnast begins their membership.

THIS IS A NON REFUNDABLE FEE. No gymnast will be permitted to join in with their class until this fee is paid and our administration team has received a completed and signed enrolment form for that gymnast.

2020 Booking and Administration Fee

This fee is payable by current gymnasts continuing their enrolment for the next year as a booking fee to secure their spot in a class by the last day of classes in term four of the previous year.


This fee is payable by all new gymnasts wishing to enrol in classes and must be paid at the end of their Free Trial Class if they wish their spot in a class to be guaranteed or before the start of their first official lesson. 

This fee covers the cost of administation tasks associated with the gymnast for the year.


2020 Term Fees


This fee covers your child's place in the class for the entire term whether or not they attend.

Gymnasts will not be permitted to participate in their class if term fees are outstanding.

THIS IS A NON REFUNDABLE FEE. There is no refund for any cancellations.

Due to our strict student to teacher ration missed classes will not result in make up classes, prorated tution or refunds.

There will be no refunds for classes missed for any reason, including scheduled holidays.

For Kindergym classes we will offer make up classes where possible on other days where our Kindergym classes are running.These MUST BE TAKEN WITHIN THE TERM that the absence occurred and the make up must be within the same age level of the class. If our Kindergym program is only running on ONE DAY PER WEEK we will unfortunately NOT BE ABLE TO OFFER MAKE UP LESSONS. 

In extreme circumstances such as breavement, serious illness or injury which leaves a gymnast unable to physically participate in their gymnastics session, accompanied by a doctor's certificate we may at the discretion of our administration team consider refunding or crediting the remaining weeks left in that term as a good will gesture.

2020 Termination of Bookings/Enrolement

We are a privately owned business and as such we reserve the right to refuse service (membership to classes, squads, holiday sessions, birthday parties, displays, come and try sessions, club competitions and open days or special events) to any person for any reason (keeping in line with the Equal Opportunity Commission and Fair Trading Guidelines)
Koala Gymnastics may decline to accept an enrolment request, refuse re enrolment or terminate an enrolment at any time.

Koala Gymnastics reserves the right to ask any person to leave the premises and refrain from re-entering the Koala Gymnastic Club Property (Including carparks, buildings, etc). If the request is not followed the police will be called.
Access to our viewing area is restricted to family members of current participants and or guests of the staff and management.
If Koala Gymnastic Club Pty ltd chooses to terminate an enrolment then Koala Gymnastic Club will provide a refund for the remaining tuition fees, for the weeks left in the term, by cash or direct deposit within 4 business days of the termination. No refunds will be issued if a customer decides not to bring their child to their classes for whatever reason.

Club Uniform

The purpose of this policy is to outline the standards of attire to be adhered to at Koala Gymnastic Club. This policy is to ensure a safe and equal environment at Koala Gymnastic Club. All participants must wear appropriate attire throughout each and every class held at Koala Gymnastic Club and to events and competitions as set by the club.
Safety is our main concern and should be in the forefront of every coach, volunteer and Administrator's mind.
in order to provide a safe environment for gymnastics participation, our coaches ensure that the equipment, facilities and programs are suitable for the gymnasts. Sometimes the clothing a gymnast wears during their lesson may be unsafe. Coaches must ensure that all gymnasts in their care are dressed appropriately for the type of class that they are involved in. Flowing, baggy clothing is not acceptable for gymnastics activities due to the rise of clothing covering the gymnast's face or being tangled on apparatus or other persons or being a hazard. Koala Gymnastics Displays the uniform rules and expects all gymnasts to adhere to them. The gymnasts dressed inappropriately will be excluded for some or all activities.


There are different uniform requirements for all gymnasts depending on the type of gymnastics they learn, the day they attend, the class and their age. Uniform requirements are clearly displayed on our screen in the foyer and also on the class handout sheets given to all students at the start of the year. Gymnasts must wear the correct uniform for their class with no exceptions. If they do not have the correct uniform, a uniform note will be given to them and they must order or buy the correct uniform. Gymnasts who attend class in inappropriate clothing will not be permitted to participate in their class until such time as they purchase the correct uniform. no refunds on fees will be given if they are excluded from their class for this reason. Competition gymnasts must also purchase extra items of uniform as outlined by the Koala Gymnastic club. Failure to do so will result in the gymnast not being permitted to compete. There will be no refund on class or competition entry fees.

Hair must be tied back neatly and out of the face

clothing with buttons, zips, stud, etc is not appropriate and gymnasts with this type of attire will not be permitted to use the equipment or participate in the class.

No jewellery or watches are to be worn. If an item cannot be removed for religious reasons, then it must be taped to the body so it is no longer a danger.

No socks are to be worn on any of the apparatus, Gymnastics shoes are permitted.

Club jackets, t-shits, track pant, ect may be worn for warm ups only as well as to and from classes, events and competitions.

Privacy Policy

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