Koala Gymnastics family

Catherine Green,  Head Coach, Koala Gymnastic Club

Head of coaching

Catherine Green has been coaching gymnastics for 30 years. She is also a qualified primary school teacher.

Catherine began as a gymnast at Koala Gymnastics Club when she was about six years of age. 

She worked hard at gym and became an assistant coach in her early teenage years.

Her qualifications include Womens' Advanced Coach, Mens' Intermediate Coach,  Gymnastics For All Advanced Coach,  Rhythmic Gymnastics Advanced Silver Coach,  Rythmic Gymnastics Intermediate Judge. Kinder Gym

 Intermediate Coach, Tumbling  Intermediate Coach, Acrobatics Intermediate Coach,  State presenter and assessor, Sporting Schools Coach, Launchpad Coach, Coaching Supervisor.

For many years Catherine has taught gymnastics in schools programs at local primary schools as well as providing and coaching sporting schools gymnastics programs during and after school. 

Over her career she has worked at a variety of gymnastics clubs gaining a vast amount of experience, including  Mordialloc Gymnastic Club, Dingley Village Community Centre, Springvale Community Centre, Funtastic Gymnastics, teaching general gym and kindergym programs.

She has also  worked on the gym bus. and for Jets Gymnastics Eltham through their gym skools program.

Catherine has  developed a great relationship with the City of Greater Dandenong,  providing free "come and try"  and display sessions at local community events.

In 2010 Catherine was awarded  the "Noble Park Community coach of the year" award and in 2015 received a "high commendation as Coach of the Year

at the City of Greater Dandenong Sports Awards. 

Catherine is married to Damien Green and they have four children, two of whom are also coaches at Koala Gymnastics.  

Catherine says she loves "flamingoes and koalas" as well as her great passion for gymnastics. 

Coaching team





 My name is Liana, I’m 21 years old and for 16 years I have been committed to the Koala Gymnastics Club, not only as a gymnast but as a coach as well.

 I have three intermediate qualifications - WAG, MAG and GFA.

 I love this club with all my heart, it’s a great place to build long  lasting friendships, to experience the incredible sport of gymnastics  and a way to keep fit while having fun. 

This club is my second home and I’m honoured to coach such talented children along side my 

 incredible colleagues.





Hi I'm Elizabeth, I was born into gymnastics  and I have been  at the club, (my second home) since I was two weeks old.  I began learning gymnastics when I was two. 

I have participated in Gymnastics For All, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics as well as countless display events and competitions. My passion in gymnastics is Rhythmic Gymnastics, I am currently completing level seven. I love rhythmic because you can be very creative with the routines, the leotards are stunning and working with hand apparatus (ball, clubs, ribbon, rope & hoop) is a lot of fun too. 

I have had experience in a lot of different areas of gymnastics, including Kindergym, local competitions, Group Vic Championships, Vic Intermediate Championships, volunteering at state competitions & Aust Championships.

I have taught gymnastics in schools & assisted with sporting schools programs, & community events, as well as coaching at our club and taking gymnasts to G.F.A, rhythmic & Gym Star comps.  I have also choreographed many routines for our annual displays &  for Fusion FX comps.. 

Koala Gymnastics it is a special place, where you are encouraged to become part of the "family", have fun, make new friends and work to achieve your full potential. 

I have the following qualifications Intermediate Rhythmic Gymnastics coach, Beginner Rhythmic Gymnastics Judge, Intermediate Gymnastics For All coach & Intermediate Acrobatic coach. I love dancing, singing, stage shows, musicals & preformances. I also love anything and everything Disney. "Gymnastics in my blood, Disney in my heart".





My name is Sarah and I’m a qualified GFA Intermediate Gymnastic coach at Koala Gymnastics Club.  

 Koala Gymnastics was a big part of of life growing up both as a gymnast and a coach and gymnastics is something I’ve always been passionate about. When I did gymnastics I enjoyed doing both Artistic and Rhythmic  Gymnastic as well as competitions and group displays.  

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to rejoin the amazing coaching team at Koala Gymnastic in recent years and continue teaching something that I loved doing as a child to the next generations.   

I enjoy coaching gymnastics because it’s for all ages and abilities in such a fun and positive environment.





My name is Chris. I started gymnastics when I was 4 years old at Koala Gymnastics Club. I have been with Koala ever since.

My lifelong passion for sport sparked my interest in the science behind human movement which led me to my current studies at Deakin University. I am currently studying a Bachelors in Exercise and Sports Science where I am majoring in Biomechanics and Human Physiology.

I predominantly coach the M.A.G (men's artistic gymnastics) groups, however you'll see me coaching some of the other classes from time to time.

I am a current qualified G.F.A (Gymnastics For All) intermediate coach, personal trainer and health scientist. I have recently just completed my M.A.G Intermediate course, too. 

I am incredibly interested in the potential of the body to do amazing things; and there is no better sport to display these skills than in the awesome sport that is gymnastics.






 Hi, My name is Tanya and I started gymnastics at the age of nine at Patterson Lakes Gymnastics, moving into Artistic gym. 

After developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in my early teenage years I changed to Rhythmic  to feel safer, as my strength had diminished. 

Later, in my teenage years I commenced coaching Kindergym and Artistic at Patterson Lakes.


I first connected with Koala Gym Club when I did my Rhythmic coach training under Cathy Green - too 

many years ago to mention. 

Koala Gymnastics has been special to me since that time and I am very happy to be back as part of the Koala 

Gymnastics family, especially working in the Rhythmic area.





My name is Rebecca Linnell and I am a 15 year old beginner coach at the Koala Gymnastics 


I've been doing gymnastics at the Koala Gym Club for the last five years and have enjoyed every single day that I've spent there.

I  started gymnastics because I've always loved to move as a younger child and gymnastics was a place where I could be with other kids who 

also loved to move and play. 

What I love about coaching the younger 

 kids at gym is seeing their faces light up when they learn a new skill and seeing them try harder when they make a mistake.  

What I will  always love about gymnastics is being able to compete in front of  judges and an audience of people. The one minute and thirty seconds of  a rhythmic gymnastics routine has and will always make me feel like Ii'm on top of the world! 





My name is Yechelle (Jacque) Fernando and I have completed 6 years at Koala Gymnastics. Gymnastics for me is an opportunity to share and make new friendships with others, to socialise and be active at the same time. Everyday I come to gymnastics has been One that I had enjoyed and makes me excited for the next lesson that I have as well. 

Although I haven’t been coaching for very long, only having my beginner coaching accreditation, sharing the love for gymnastics I have with others and seeing them smile as they master a new skill is one of the precious moments I have had. 

Every aspect of gymnastics whether it is competing or practising or learning has taught me the principles of team work and has given me the basics of passion. And one thing I know is that your first lesson of gymnastics most certainly won’t be your last!





Hi! My Names Emily and I’m a coach here at Koala Gymnastics!

 I have been at this club for 8 years, but only been coaching for more than a year. I am a beginner coach, but have done all types of gymnastics, from Rhythmic to Artistic to GFA. 

Gymnastics is a very good way to socialise, and exercise at the same time. 

Even If you would just want to practice some skills, build up strength or compete, it’s completely fine, and accepted here at Koala!





Hi, my name is Masha.

I began gymnastics when I was 7 at Highett Youth Club after I stoped Ballet because I didn't want to wear the tutus.

When I was 12, I moved house therefore could no longer continue gymnastics at Highett Youth Club.

In 2016 I joined Koala Gymnastics and began learning rhythmic. The following year I started Artistic gymnastics aswell. 

After my first year back at gymnastics I completed a beginner coaching course and started helping teach the younger gymnasts. 

I have a Beginner Coaching Qualification and a Beginner Rhythmic Judging Qualification. 

I love gymnastics because it is such a great way to have fun and get fit at the same time.








Hi, my name is Divnoor!

I have always had a strong passion for gymnastics from a young age and had my mum enrol me into recreational artistic gymnastics when I arrived in Australia in 2007. When I moved houses, I also moved gym clubs and started my journey with Koala Gymnastics. I attended this club for a few years before I started competitive gymnastics at Grips Gymnastics to whom I was recommended by the head coach of Koala Gymnastics, Cathy. After competing for a few years, I joined Koala Gymnastics once again to stay in touch with Gymnastics whilst completing studies. 

I became a beginner coach in 2017 at Koala Gymnastics and I’m currently finishing my intermediate WAG coaching accreditation. Coaching gymnastics at Koala Gym club has allowed me to give back to the sport of Gymnastics and give the kids the same enjoyment and fun I received from gymnastics at their age. Koala Gymnastics has always held a special place in my heart and pulls me back towards it each time whether its as a gymnast or a coach. I love gymnastics with all my heart and being able to coach in a family-like-environment at Koala Gym club, well let’s just say, I couldn’t have asked for more!